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The Gut-Brain-Body Dance – Healing the Impact of Stress & Trauma

The brain, by definition, is an organ of infinite complexity and staggering dimensions. The number of neurons, the basic cell that controls all information processing, is in the range of 100 billion. These neurons are connected to nearby neurons by dendrites, multiple tiny short wires. Neurons are connected to distant brain sites by axons, long wires insulated by fatty substance called myelin. The number of dendrite and axon connections is in the range of 100 million billion! And the organization of the brain is so complex. The resilient body, through its complex systems of measuring messages from the environment, informs the brain of what’s going on. It sages from the environment, informs the brain of what’s going on. It does so through signals from the primary sense organs of the head and neck, and from the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the somatic body. These messages from the body will alter the brain, as the intricate interplay between brain and body creates learned movements and skills for the body to carry out. The brain and body are involved in an elegant dance, ever changing and growing, developing body skills and promoting increasingly more complex neural connections. On the flip side, stress and traumatic emotional experiences can alter the brain as well, injuring it and impairing its function. Stress and trauma do damage to the brain – damage that can be seen on an fMRI. Severe negative life experiences cause loss of neurons specifically in the memory centers of the brain. The infant who does not experience the closeness of the maternal-infant bond suffers shrinkage of a crucial area in the right front of the brain that provides regulation for the emotional brain and autonomic nervous system. The good news is that effective therapy in such individuals can not only improve and correct the symptoms but also promote physical healing of earlier damage to brain regions.
The gut-brain axis (GBA) consists of bidirectional communication between the central and the enteric nervous system, linking emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. Recent advances in research have described the importance of gut microbiota in influencing these interactions. This interaction between microbiota and GBA appears to be bidirectional, namely through signaling from gut-microbiota to brain and from brain to gut-microbiota by means of neural, endocrine, immune, and humoral links. At Planetary Health International we offer a number of comprehensive scientifically validated holistic programs to address this crosstalk between Gut, Brain & Body.

The Ultimate Realtionship Coaching Program
A passionate, thriving relationship is a beautiful thing that can give you certainty, meaning, and a powerful source of drive. What’s the secret to enjoying the relationship of your dreams? How do you spark passion and love, even in moments of conflict? Your relationship should be your greatest source of pleasure. If you’re struggling with your partner, or would like to take your relationship to the next level, we invite you onto the Ultimate Relationship Program with Embodied Tantra. Check out our approach below and fill in your details, get in touch and book a session with us. When we meet our partners, we make an unconscious contract to help each other resolve emotional injuries of the past , we unconsciously pick or hire the perfect person to trigger this stored painful memory of our past , it is for this exact reason we have come together . Relationships are not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be embraced. Conflict is a gift to be unpacked , to embrace, an opportunity to grow , resolve and mature . Conflict can not be resolved at the level with which it was created. We hire the person in our life who is most compatible to help us resolve what is unresolved from our childhood. Our relationship lives in the space between us and it is sacred . This becomes the playground for our children . When there are only two options , take the third option ! Keep the space between you safe and sacred . Honour the space between you , by visiting the other by crossing the bridge . Cross the bridge with an open mind to learn , with curiosity and compassion , leave behind your hurt and trauma. Crossing the bridge is becoming completely present with your partner, listening without interruption, defensiveness or judgement, holding an unconditional space for your partner to share.

Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.

Comprehensive Holistic Health Consultation with Functional Health & Lifestyle Medicine Approach
Lifestyle Medicine & Functional Health is unique holistic health program which addresses relationship distress & conflict, illness such as IBS & other gastrointestinal disorders of brain/gut axis, anxiety, depression and other life challenges, all of which are rooted in an early life traumatic event or events. Our world unique comprehensive holistic health program incorporates a gut repair program, psychotherapy, embodied tantra, conscious parenting/relating and plant based nutrition which bring about feelings of integration, optimum health, vitality, longevity and well being. This program will assist you in thriving rather than just surviving and help you to live life at a much higher level. Anything you desire in life, you need energy to obtain and achieve, the kind of energy that only comes from optimum health and passionate relationships. Functional Health addresses the underlying causes of illness & disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and Plantrician in a therapeutic partnership exploring diet, lifestyle, trauma history, relationships, body and stress. This is an incredibly effective holistic approach to recovery, incoporating the very latest in gut research and psychobiotics, Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy, conscious relational sexuality via Embodied Tantra and Plant Based nutritional science. Functional Health is a healthy holistic journey out of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, diabetes, cancer, IBS and other gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders.
If you struggle with any of the following, then a comprehensive Consultation will be perfect for you :
Eating Disorder
Relationship conflict
Gastrointestinal distress
Severe Menstrual Pain
Chronic Dissociation
Book in now for a comprehensive consultaion and get to the root of your life challenges so you can live a life of health and vitality.Repair Your Gut, create conscious passionate relationships, resolve anxiety & depression, reverse IBS and other gastrointestinal disorders holistically. With our expert guidance you will learn to self regulate, heal your gut dysbiosis and reset your gut for health, activate parasympathetic nervous system for sustained relaxation, seek corrective emotional experiences through healthy and passionate relationships, invoke and strengthen healthy immunity with a healthy diet that does not feel like a diet,resolve emotional distress and dissociated painful experiences of the past and awaken a powerful lymphatic system via dance, movement and yoga.

Getting Past Trauma Symptoms, Dissociation, Relational Conflict and Illness with Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy
Trauma Recovery Institute  specialises in long-term relational trauma recovery, sexual trauma recovery and early childhood trauma recovery. We also offer specialized group psychotherapy for psychotherapists and psychotherapy students, People struggling with addictions and substance abuse, sexual abuse survivors and people looking to function in life at a higher level. Trauma recovery Institute offers a very safe supportive space for deep relational work with highly skilled and experienced psychotherapists accredited with Irish Group Psychotherapy Society (IGPS), which holds the highest accreditation standard in Europe. Trauma Recovery Institute uses a highly structured psychotherapeutic approach called Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP). Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP) is a highly structured, once to twice weekly-modified psychodynamic treatment based on the psychoanalytic model of object relations. This approach is also informed by the latest in neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory. As with traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy relationship takes a central role within the treatment and the exploration of internal relational dyads. Our approach differs in that also central to the treatment is the focus on the transference and countertransference, an awareness of shifting bodily states in the present moment and a focus on the client’s external relationships, emotional life and lifestyle.
Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP) is an integrative treatment approach for working with complex trauma, borderline personality organization and dissociation. This treatment approach attempts to address the root causes of trauma-based presentations and fragmentation, seeking to help the client heal early experiences of abandonment, neglect, trauma, and attachment loss, that otherwise tend to play out repetitively and cyclically throughout the lifespan in relationship struggles, illness and addictions. Clients enter a highly structured treatment plan, which is created by client and therapist in the contract setting stage. The Treatment plan is contracted for a fixed period of time and at least one individual or group session weekly.

“Talk therapy alone is not enough to address deep rooted trauma that may be stuck in the body, we need also to engage the body in the therapeutic process and engage ourselves as clients and therapists to a complex interrelational therapeutic dyad, right brain to right brain, limbic system to limbic system in order to address and explore trauma that persists in our bodies as adults and influences our adult relationships, thinking and behaviour.”

Plant Based Academy is a world renowned international raw vegan organic plant based training institute. Plant Based Academy is a world authority on refined fine dining raw food mastery training, plant based nutritional science training, comprehensive lifestyle medicine training, advanced herbalism training and vegan organic edible skincare training. Plant Based Academy offers a number of advanced and comprehensive professional certificate courses and introduction courses around the world. Plant Based Academy offers one day certificate courses, 7 day intensive professional certificate courses and a 12-week professional certificate course. Plant Based Academy is dedicated and obsessively committed to “sustainable veganism” through plant based nutrition & lifestyle education. We believe strongly that with the proper guidance and knowledge on correct plant based nutritional science that not only is a plant based vegan diet and lifestyle an incredibly ethical decision for animals and our planet but a perfectly adequate and life long sustainable health promoting, disease preventing and reversing approach for all of us.
The Professional Certificate Course:
Our professional certificate course is not only the most recognised plant based course available but also the most comprehensive and at the best value plant based certificate in the world . This is also the only course which focuses on plant based nutritional science , advanced fermentation & herbalism and we also include modules on advanced cacao making and vegan skincare. All produce is 100% organic. We do not use any processed sugars such as agave, coconut sugar or nectar. This course is a life changing course and an incredible investment for you and the planet. This course offers you a Professional Certification in Plant Based Nutrition , Lifestyle Medicine & Raw Food Mastery to a Michelin Star level. You do not need prior experience to take this course and you do not have to be a chef to take this course. This Course is suitable for doctors, nurses, chefs, health enthusiasts, experienced vegans and raw foodists, complete beginners and people looking to start a plant based business. We have had hundreds of students come through our courses over many years and Many of them have used their professional certificate to gain employment in plant based businesses around the world and to build new plant based businesses. Many students have also use their training to assist them in the pursuit of optimum health for themselves and loved ones. Join the plant based revolution.

Conscious Parenting Certification – Level 1 Introduction to Conscious Parenting
The professional certification program in Conscious Parenting Level 1 covers seven modules. This professional certificate course is delivered by conscious parenting educator and psychotherapist Darren Maguire. This certification course is The Introduction to Conscious Parenting and is suitable for all parents of children at any age and other professionals working with children or parents. The Course is delivered over 14 weeks, just one three hour group weekly. The seven modules are:

  1. Raising our Children, Raising ourselves – Healing the hurts of my past.
  2. Non Violent Communication
  3. Crossing The Bridge
  4. Filling The Love Cup
  5. Building Relationship – Establishing Secure attachment
  6. Decoding Children’s Behaviour
  7. Corrective Emotional Experience

This course takes place at our clinic in Dublin city centre on one day per week for 14 weeks. after successful completion of the course you will be awared a certificate in Conscious Parenting. To book your place on this unique certification course you can pay a booking deposit of 500 euro, the remaining fee can be paid over a payment plan.There will be suggested weekly readings and homework assignments as part of the curriculum.The weekly course will be a experiential group format over three hours per week. You can express interest and get further details or make payment by expressing interest in the form below.

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