The Trauma Recovery Institute

Complex Trauma Recovery with Trauma Experts at The Trauma Recovery Institute

A Neuro-Scientific Based PsychoSocialSomatic Approach

The Trauma Recovery Institute is a Leading international clinic specialising in complex trauma recovery, complex trauma training for clinicians and working with trauma based presentations which may manifest in chronic disease, depression, personality disorders, dissociation, ptsd and challenges in functioning in life and loving relationships. The Trauma Recovery Institute offers a world unique Neuro-Scientific Based PsychoSocialSomatic approach to complex trauma and relationships incorporating object relations psychodynamic psychosomatic psychotherapy with interpersonal neurobiology, lifestyle medicine and cell danger response theory. Our unique approach is trauma & polyvagal informed neurosequential orientated complex trauma recovery grounded in Interpersonal Neurobiology, an integrative, consilient and coherent blend of bottom up and top down therapeutics delivered through a framework of safety and collaboration, helping clients on their journey from reactive survival to receptive secure functioning.

The Trauma Recovery Institute offers a number of unique comprehensive nervous system based trauma informed therapies, courses, workshops and programs for individuals, couples and families including high profile individuals, addressing underlying psychological trauma, chronic stress, chronic disease and the presenting symptoms ubiquitous with trauma. We also offer comprehensive trauma informed interpersonal neurobiological training for clinicians.

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