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Advanced Diploma in Trauma Studies – A Neuro-Scientific Psychosocialsomatic Approach for Clinicians New

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Advanced Diploma in Trauma studies with The Trauma Recovery Institute - A Neuro-Scientific Psychosocialsomatic & Lifestyle Medicine Approach to Complex Trauma Recovery.

The Trauma Recovery Institute is a leading organisation in treating trauma and trauma based presentations which may manifest in chronic disease, depression, personality disorders, dissociation, ptsd and challenges in functioning in life and loving relationships. The Trauma Recovery Institute offers a number of nervous system based trauma informed therapies, courses, workshops and programs addressing underlying psychological trauma, chronic stress and the presenting symptoms ubiquitous with trauma. Our unique approach is trauma & polyvagal informed neurosequential orientated complex trauma recovery grounded in Interpersonal Neurobiology, an integrative, consilient and coherent blend of bottom up and top down therapeutics delivered through a framework of safety and collaboration helping clients on their journey from reactive survival to receptive secure functioning.

Comprehensive Course Content

This is a 12 month diploma online course for clinicians, packed with comprehensive content on the latest research on trauma, complex trauma and trauma presentations. Most importantly this course is an advanced learning platform to teach you how to help clients overcome presentations from trauma in a multidisciplinary neuroscientific and consilient approach through 10 comprehensive modules along with 10 case consultations with our trauma specialist.

Course Overview

This is an advanced Diploma in Trauma studies with a strong focus on complex trauma, its presentations including illness and its recovery. This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the theory and treatment of trauma and complex PTSD related symptoms and specifically through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory and lifestyle medicine. It presents historical and emerging research and theory related to trauma and PTSD, with a focus on clinical treatment and practical responses to symptoms.

Students will explore a range of theoretical frameworks for understanding trauma, and what factors influence recovery and post-traumatic growth.

Therapeutic interventions will be discussed using empirical research and evidence-based practice of cases and clinical experience of working with severely traumatised individuals.

Trauma studies is suitable for; social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, nurses, Gardai, emergency responders, teachers, and anyone whose job brings them into contact with individuals dealing with trauma and PTSD. For existing practitioners, this course along with the case consultations will provide a basis for developing skills used in responding to traumatic presentations through a consilient multi disciplinary approach and moving away from reductionistic ways for working with the complexity of trauma presentations which unfortunately is the current dogma in the clinical field. 

Comprehensive Modules

Module 1:Developmental Trauma (Trauma Defined, History & Assessment)

Module 2: Attachment Theory & Affective Neuroscience

Module 3 : Polyvagal Theory & The Nervous System

Module 4:Treatment Model & Lifestyle Medicine ( Consilience Vs Reductionism)

Module 5: Reparenting & Remapping (Shame, Anger & Innerchild)

Module 6: PTSD & CPTSD (Dissociation Vs Integration)

Module 7: Addiction : An Attempted Cure

Module 8: Cell Danger Response Theory

Module 9 : Transference – An Introduction to Interpersonal Neurobiology

Module 10: Co Regulation: The Relationship is the Therapy