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Embodied Tantra Ireland workshops and groups 2016

Embodied Tantra Ireland, empowering you to thrive in love, sexuality and intimacy. Embodied Tantra is living with an awareness in the moment through the body in an intimate connection with self, others and all that is. This allows you to have more choice, and to access more of what you are capable of, including pleasure, love, Intimacy and healthy attachments. Embodied Tantra groups and workshops are very powerful , safe, empowering, informative, psychoeducational, psychotherapeutic and liberating. Embodied Tantra is suitable for people at all levels including complete beginners of Tantra practise. Embodied Tantra is a dive deeper, a tantra workshop with difference, where not only will you learn tools for living intimately but get an opportunity to work through any blocks you have to intimacy and is perfect for anybody looking to create a healthy relationship with strong boundaries, communication, intimacy, connection, love, happiness and passionate love making.


“Tantra is not technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart. Please remember it. Many books have been written onTantra, they all talk about technique but the real Tantra has nothing to do with technique. The real Tantra cannot be written about, the real Tantra has to be imbibed(absorbed). How to imbibe real Tantra? You will have to transform your whole approach.” Osho


Embodied Tantra Events 

Deepen your relationships, communication and intimacy during a transformational introduction workshop of psychoeducation, intimacy & Boundaries exercises and gentle exploration of attachmnet style and patterns. Both workshops are suitable for both singles and couples. In bothj our workshops you will get the following:
1)Develop an understanding of the Tantric framework.
2)Discover Tantric principles for creating extraordinary relationships.
3)Learn how to break old relationship patterns and shift the cycles that do not serve you.
4)Discover how Tantric principles can help you attract your perfect partner, both within existing relationships and in future relationships.
5)Learn how to create more intimacy, depth and passion.
6)Learn to love more fully – in your relationship with others and also with yourself.

The Courage to Love


The courage to love is a weekly sexuality group held on Friday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. The Courage to Love is a unique weekly tantra group, empowering you to thrive in Love, Intimacy, sexuality and relationships. The group will focus on exploring any blocks to Intimacy and self love , challenges and destructive patterns in relationships and any negetive beliefs around sexuality and intimacy. The approach is a unique blend of Tantra and Attachment Theory within a psychodynamic framework. Learn how to to Embody Tantra and Live it. This is a very powerful , safe, empowering, informative, psychoeducational, psychotherapeutic and liberating group. This is a powerful group to help you if you are overcoming sexual trauma from the past and you no longer wish for it to hold you back in the present, or if you are struggling to break the cycle of destructive relationships. Investment is just 120 Euro per month in advance. In the form below you can make paymnet and book your place or simply express interest in the event, you can also email any questions to In the group process we suggest a minimum of one year participation, however one can leave group at any time. Many people choose to work in groups over a number of years to work through patterns that have been established over a lifetime.

The Art of Intimacy
The art of intimacy is a monthly one-day workshop held on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm. The Art of Intimacy is our one – day introduction to Tantra. On this workshop you will learn about Tantra inside and outside the bedroom, how to embody Tantra and how to alleviate the shame and self-destructive behaviors that are often at the core of unhealthy relationships and sexual acting-out. This is a safe supportive space to also explore unhealthy sexual patterns and behaviors that deeply impact your ability to connect & relate in healthy ways. This workshop is facilitated by an experienced Tantra practitioner and psychotherapist. Investment is just 100 Euro. In the form below you can make paymnet and book your place or simply express interest in the event, you can also email any questions to 

Embodied Tantra is a spiritual path for integrating body, mind and soul. It differs from other paths in its honoring of the body, using the senses, sexuality, and feelings to help you evolve spiritually. Tantra assists you in realizing your full potential as a human being. If you choose to live from the Tantric perspective, you will transform your life. You will discover bliss. You may apply Tantric practices and principles to many areas of life – to relationship and sexual loving, spiritual practice and lifestyle, physical and emotional well-being.
“He/She who realises the truth of the body can then come to know the truth of the universe “. Ratnasara
At the Heart of Tantra is Love.
The practices and rituals of Tantra, both spiritual and sexual, work to create the conditions necessary for love to flourish and endure. When we achieve states of presence, energy flow, relaxation, harmony, and connection, love emerges and opens the heart. To bring about the conditions that generate and sustain love, we can learn to rely upon Tantric practices to create more of these positive energy states. Tantra, therefore, is not just something to do in our bedrooms, but rather a complete way of life. Tantra is an art, a science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle. It is a path of personal transformation, a journey into the heart. It is a path of expansion, embracing all facets of life. Tantra believes sexual energy to be life force energy and this energy may be used as a route to higher consciousness through sexual union, art, dance, yoga, meditation, creativity, poetry. Sexual expression is just one platform.
“Underneeth every intimate relation, is the reflection of your own willingness and feelings of worthiness to Love and be Love”. Rumi
Cultivating states of presence, energy flow, relaxation, harmony, and connection is not always easy. A lifetime of hurts and other negative experiences have gradually limited our ability to be present and to express the essence of who we really are, fully and freely. We slowly become cut off from our feelings and the ability to experience our sexual creative energy in a connected, joyful, loving way. In a subtle, gentle, yet powerful way, Tantric loving brings healing. It breaks up and washes away residues of our past that hold us back from limitless love and intimacy. Tantra teaches us not only how to be great lovers, but how to be great healers for one another as well. Tantra represents a unique paradigm for conscious living and loving. It offers a passionate and expansive way of life for those seeking to connect with their sexuality in a positive, heart-centered way, a way that celebrates freedom of spirit and body alike.
“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close”. Pablo Neruda

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