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The ION® (Individual Optimal Nutrition) is a combination of nutritional tests that measure levels vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and organic, fatty and amino acids. Using the combination of nutritional testing profiles, the ION® offers a complete evaluation of nutritional functions that impact patients´ mental and physical well-being. Over time, functional nutritional deficiencies can result in a variety of chronic health conditions. The ION® nutritional testing profile can help determine the basis for these conditions.
Nutritional testing profiles included in the ION® nutritional test:
Organix nutritional test profile – reveals nutritional and metabolic impairments
Amino Acid nutritional test profile – determines essential amino acid imbalances that affect both physical and mental function
Nutrient and Toxic Element test profile – identifies a patient´s toxic burden and mineral status
Fatty Acid nutritional test profile – helps identify the right balance of fatty acids that can impact health and development
Antioxidant Vitamins test – measures vitamins involved in antioxidant functions
Coenzyme Q10 nutritional test – measures total body status of this antioxidant nutrient and energy pathway cofactor
Lipid Peroxides nutritional test – measures total serum lipid peroxidation, an indication of whole body free radical activity
Homocysteine test – identifies total homocysteine in plasma and elevated levels are an independent risk factor for premature cardiovascular disease and atherothrombotic cerebrovascular disease
The ION® nutritional test profile is helpful in cases of:
Heart Disease: where deficiencies of magnesium, taurine, carnitine, fatty acids and other important substances commonly accompany heart disease. Re-supplying depleted nutrients greatly aids in prevention and recovery.
Obesity and Weight Issues: often people battling obesity and weight issues have multiple nutritional deficiencies. Dietary improvement and nutritional supplementation based on ION® test results help many achieve more active metabolism. In the process, they are able to eliminate excess fat and fluid.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: an enigmatic disorder that frequently involves mitochondrial inefficiencies (deficits in cellular energy production) that can be revealed by comparing the organic acids, amino acids, and minerals test results.
Immune System Disorders: where nutritional deficiencies come in a wide variety, from amino acids to fatty acids to zinc.
Developmental Delays: increasing numbers of children are experiencing dramatic improvements in development and achievement due to supplementation based on ION test results.
Mood Disorders: often have underlying biochemical imbalances which are revealed by testing for organic acids, amino acids, minerals, and fatty acids.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: functional nutrient levels are affected, including many of those involved in cellular respiration. The ION® profile can determine where imbalances occur.

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