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Happy Healthy Christmas Newsletter from Life Change Health Institute

Life Change Health Institute is a world unique holistic treatment centre specialising in mind body medicine. We offer expertise in five main areas of focus which are trauma recovery psychotherapy, conscious sexuality & tantra, plant based nutrition, conscious parenting and functional health which embraces and draws from the totality of the regulatory functions of the body encompassing all of the biophysical, biochemical, enzymatic, endocrine, immunological, and bioenergetic regulatory capacities. Our unique integrative approach to addressing the mind body connection and how stress can massively impact and impair our development, our brains and our bodies has been developed from over 25 years of clinical experience and research drawing from the latest research and developments in attachment theory, affect regulation, object relations, neuroscience, poly vagal theory and interpersonal neurobiology.
“Functional Health is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers clients to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration with a functional health therapist to address the underlying causes of disease.” Plant Based Academy
At Life Change Health Institute, we believe trauma/stress underlies all conditions. Trauma and stress, whether related to addiction, attachment, neglect or abuse, can reverberate through the many facets of our lives, follow us into adulthood and inhibit us from living in the present. We treat a wide variety of conditions with a number of treatment strategies with the objective of addressing the root trauma at the heart of each person’s life challenge. At Life Change Health Institute we are experts in working with complex trauma. We promote plant based nutrition, healthy sexuality, functional health, conscious lifestyle changes and long term psychotherapeutic relationships in order to maintain optimum health and well being.
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Functional Health
Functional Health addresses the underlying causes of disease and weight gain, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and functional health therapist in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more client-centered approach, Functional Health addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. We offer a world unique 5 Step Holistic Approach to Optimum Health which can be used for weight loss, to reverse disease and achieve radiant health, our approach is designed to address the root causes of weight gain and disease rather than simply addressing symptomology. Our 5 Step Holistic Approach to Optimum Health is:
1) Eliminating toxic and inflammatory foods:
2) Rebuilding the Body & Rebuild the Gut:
3) Identifying environmental toxins:
4) Healing autoimmune-related infections:
5) Emotional release process and lifestyle changes
Follow this program, Whether you’re battling diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, IBS or obesity, or you simply want to put an end to nagging minor symptoms and get back to full health. Our Holistic approach, based on the latest scientific research is designed for optimum weight loss without starvation and to fight and defeat the full spectrum of autoimmune diseases, rebuild your gut flora, and reclaim your full health and well being for good. Each Program Includes Easy to Follow comprehensive 5 Step Plan, Lifestyle guidelines, Diet Guidelines, Resources, Education ,Scientific Research and the incredible must have Gut Rebuilding Program full of world unique recipes and guides from expert fermentationist, functional health therapist and psychotherapist Darren Maguire.
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Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy
Trauma Recovery Institute part of the Life Change Health Institute Group offers unparalleled services and treatment approach via individual and group psychotherapy specialising in personality disorders, complex trauma & neglect, sexual trauma, chronic illness and relationship difficulties.Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP) is a highly structured, once to twice weekly-modified psychodynamic treatment based on the psychoanalytic model of object relations. This approach is also informed by the latest in neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory. As with traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy relationship takes a central role within the treatment and the exploration of internal relational dyads. Our approach differs in that also central to the treatment is the focus on the transference and countertransference, an awareness of shifting bodily states in the present moment and a focus on the client’s external relationships, emotional life and lifestyle.
Dynamic Psychosocialsomatic Psychotherapy (DPP) is an integrative treatment approach for working with complex trauma, borderline personality organization and dissociation. This treatment approach attempts to address the root causes of trauma-based presentations and fragmentation, seeking to help the client heal early experiences of abandonment, neglect, trauma, and attachment loss, that otherwise tend to play out repetitively and cyclically throughout the lifespan in relationship struggles, illness and addictions. Clients enter a highly structured treatment plan, which is created by client and therapist in the contract setting stage. The Treatment plan is contracted for a fixed period of time and at least one individual or group session weekly.
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Relationship Coaching
When we meet our partners, we make an unconscious contract to help each other resolve emotional injuries of the past , we unconsciously pick or hire the perfect person to trigger this stored painful memory of our past , it is for this exact reason we have come together . Relationships are not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be embraced. Conflict is a gift to be unpacked , to embrace, an opportunity to grow , resolve and mature . Conflict can not be resolved at the level with which it was created. We hire the person in our life who is most compatible to help us resolve what is unresolved from our childhood. Our relationship lives in the space between us and it is sacred . This becomes the playground for our children . When there are only two options , take the third option ! Keep the space between you safe and sacred . Honour the space between you , by visiting the other by crossing the bridge . Cross the bridge with an open mind to learn , with curiosity and compassion , leave behind your hurt and trauma. Crossing the bridge is becoming completely present with your partner, listening without interruption, defensiveness or judgement, holding an unconditional space for your partner to share.
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Professional Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition & Raw Food Mastery
Plant Based academy is a raw and vegan culinary school. Training, educating and empowering students on plant based culinary art, vegan nutritional science and conscious living. Plant Based Academy is the only classically structured raw food course in Europe and world unique in its content, Certification and delivery. Plant Based Academy offers the most comprehensive certification program both on site at our raw kitchen in Dublin 22 and online. Full Course fee is 2,500.00 Euro – Payment plan available. Online Course is 1,250.00 euro payable upfront.
Plant Based Academy is Europe’s first and only classically structured plant-based culinary school. Students will discover that raw food is not always cold food, which is particularly refreshing when living in a cold climate such as Ireland. Students will learn about Warm Porridge and warm soups, hot medicinal beverages. Dublin is host to some of the best farmers’ markets in Ireland and has a rapidly growing plant based community.Students learn how to work with whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined, nutritionally balanced for maximum absorption of nutrients and flavorful cuisine in the school’s intimate classes. Students’ benefit from personalized instruction that champion’s hands-on experience, within a brand new custom designed, living foods kitchen which includes full on fermentation and sprout shed and organic garden. Students also gain access to the course material online which is a rich resource of simple recipes, advanced recipes, videos, scientific studies, charts, articles and much more.
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Conscious Parenting Coaching for Optimum Child Development
At conscious parenting Ireland we offer individual parenting consultations to explore conscious parenting and optimal child development with one or both parents. A parenting philosophy is relevant only to the extent that it promotes parenting practices which support secure bonding. Our effectiveness as parents is in direct proportion to the strength of the bond we have with our child. Securing and maintaining that bond is our primary work as parents and is the key to optimal human development. If as parents we have not resolved our own history of insecure attachment with our own caregivers, trauma and/or neglect as a child then it becomes extremely difficult to establish and maintain a secure bond with our children. We pass down trauma from one generation to another and learnt maladaptive interpersonal behaviours are communicated consciously and unconsciously encoded in verbal and non verbal interactions with our children. If we have not had a present loving caring safe nurturing attuned parent , then it will be extremely difficult for us to provide this for our children.
Individual consultations and group work are extremely effective in supporting parents to explore and heal from their own traumatic histories whilst also learning effect toools and health parenting skills to create secure bonds with their children which is necessary for optimal brain development. Our nervous system is experience dependant, our early experiences are wired into our nervous system. If we grow up in a stressed anxious home, then we become stressed and anxious as adults.
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Embodied Tantra Coaching for working with difficulties in Sex, Intimacy and Relationships

Learn how to be fully alive, fully present with a rich connection with self and your partner, this allows for the richest of human experiences. Learn effective communication skills, and “dissolve” relationship problems created by affairs, projections, past traumas and attachment difficulties. We belive that the relationship is not broken but is a mirror of what needs to be resolved within ourselves and within our relationships. Our relationship coaching approach is based on Imago therapy, encounter centered couples therapy and dynamic psychosocialsomatic psychotherapy. A Tantra coaching session results in re-connection, restores compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, teaches how to make authentic mutual amends, and rebuilds mutual trust for a new future together. Our tantra coaching sessions are suitable for single people, individuals from challenging relationships and for couples.
Tantra coaching for working through difficulties with sex, intimacy and relationships, empowering you to thrive in love, sexuality and intimacy. Embodied Tantra is living with an awareness in the moment through the body in an intimate connection with self, others and all that is. This allows you to have more choice, and to access more of what you are capable of, including pleasure, love, Intimacy and healthy attachments. Tantra coaching is safe, empowering, informative, psychoeducational, psychotherapeutic and liberating. Tantra coaching is also an opportunity to work through any blocks you have to intimacy and is perfect for anybody looking to create a healthy relationship with strong boundaries, communication, intimacy, connection, love, happiness and passion.
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