Lesson 1: Assignment for Module 2 Copy

Homework Assignment:

Part 1 – Write a summary of your understanding of Module 2, include any outstanding questions and concerns.

Part 2 – Take an attempt at a gut microbiota timeline, detailing information about your mothers pregnancy, your birth, your feeding as a child, antibiotic use, periods of hgh stress coupled with gut, bowel or digestive diffiulties. Do yopu have a history of a high sugar diet or diet rich with fermented foods. Throughout this course you can increase your intake of fermented foods, prebiotics, polyphenols  and engage in other microbiota health promoting ctivities and trcak your progress.

Part 3 – Based on the clinical test ubiome listed on Health Review page, Consider taking this test so you can have a full comprehensive snapshot of the health of your microbiota which you can begin to tweak as you go through the course.

Part 4 – Based on the recipes covered in this module. Complete one or two of these recipes yourself and submit pictures and summary of your attempts or bring along to class next week. Consider adding fermented foods to every meal of easch day.