Lesson 1: Assignment Requirements Copy

Module 1 – Plant Based Nutritional Science: Plant Based Health Myths, Pitfalls & Essentials. Long Term Sustainable Raw Veganism.

Homework Assignment:

Part 1 – Write a summary of your understanding of Module 1, include any outstanding questions and concerns.

Part 2 – Correlalate the nutrional science summary page to your average daily food plan and write about your findings. Are you surprised by these findings? could you be deficient or low in certain nutrients, phytonutrients and/or minerals. Does this make sense to you given your symptoms, lifestyle and metabolic output. Include the elements which you may now begin to add to your daily or weekly food plan.

Part 3 – Based on the clinical tests on Health Review page, have a blood profile taken to check for as many markers as possible on the list so that you can have a full comprehensive snapshot of your current health which you can begin to tweak as you go through the course.

Part 4 – Based on the recipes covered in this module. Complete one or two of these recipes yourself and submit pictures and summary of your attempts or bring along to class next week.