Lesson 1: Module 10 Student Summary Copy

Goal: How can we repair and maintain excellent skin, teeth, gum and hair health and avoid carcinogenic and toxic skin care products which can lead to inflammation and a host of autoimmune and metabolic diseases.

Pursuit: Ensure that everything you put onto your skin or on gums or hair that you can actually safely swallow it, digest and metabolise it safely. Making sure your skin care products are not only vegan and organic and cold pressed but also are edible. If you can eat it then why put on your skin.

Evaluation: How is your skin, hair and nails? if there are some issues presenting in these areas, it is a very good indication that there is something going wrong internally or you are not feeding and reseeding the integumentary system with medicinal organic products.

Discussion Points:

  • The moist envelope of the soul
  • Don’t put anything on skin that you can not eat
  • Skin is largest organ, absorbs everything.
  • Skin Is a bioreactor relaying info to + from brain.
  • Skin is first line of defense + should maintain certain acidic pH.
  • Saponification process (soap – caustic soda + fat)
  • Too many showers + too alkaline
  • Make sweat hormones in perfume
  • Danger to lymph nodes
  • Absorption of flouride + chlorine
  • Bacteria on skin + epidermis
  • Skin cancer from Chemicals exposure rather than sun exposure
  • Chemicals in skincare + other cariers
  • Skin care on shelves all has alcohol
  • Change of culture to using fresh food on skin (all edible)
  • The murky world of organic skin care
  • The history of deodorant + perfume
  • Sun block and skin cancer
  • S. epidermis – The bodys first immune system
  • The perfume industry + history / the new second hand smoking
  • War against sweat
  • Saponification – commercial soap making / + glycerin
  • Combining – probiotics + teas + clays + butters + oils
  • Skin Flora (Commensal – Not harmful) and (Mutalintic – offer benefits)
  • Saponification
  • Sun block – skin cancer
  • Fragrance the new second hand smoke
  • Diatomaceous earth – silica powder
  • Transdermic penetration (skin absorbs everything)
  • Woman use average of 12 produtcs daily, men use 7
  • Sweat – war against sweat
  • Too Clean – Anti bacteria soaps, sprays etc
  • Aersoals are dangerous
  • Lymphatic system
  • Average skin temp – 32-33 C
  • Sebum – oily substance on skin
  • Discuss topography of the skin microbiome chart
  • Soap and shampoo destabilize our skin microbiome
  • Ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), convert sweat (ammonia and urea) intp byproducts such as nitrite + nitric oxide which is beneficial to skin
  • Malassezia is the major fungus on our skin + loves olive oil
  • S. epidermis – commensual + mutualistic
  • If the skin microbiota is sick, the host most likely will get sick!
  • Skin layers are stratum corneum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, stratum basale and dermis.
  • Stratum corneum is mostly dead skin cells which feed our skin bacteria


Face protocol recipes

1) Facial scrub
milled oats, cinnamon, flax, apple, salt and lemon

2) Facial tonic
water, flower water, ACV, lavender or frankincense

3) Facial mask
kefir, clay, wheatgrass, essential oils, charcoal

4) Facial toner
flower water, mint + cucumber juice + essential oils

5) Facial cream
oils + butters + cream base + infused oils etc