Lesson 1: Module 5 Student Summary Copy

Goal: How can we enjoy chocolate and all the benefits of chocolate without comprising my health with high sugar content and how can i enjoy some treats and desserts without guilt, without the dangers of sugars and without driving up blood glucose, insulin levels and increasing chances of insulin resistance. Is it possible to make cakes, chocolates and cookies actually healthy and medicinal.

Pursuit: Chocolate is a powerful activitor of sirt1, a gene responsible for life extension, sirtuins are known as longevity genes. Chocolate is loaded with resveratrol , polyphenols such as flavonoids and phenolic acids and many powerful healthy compounds including magnesium and terpenes. With this knowledge it seems like chocolate is a must as a daily supplement but it muct be zero sugar, to achieve this we can use raw organic cacao paste blended with zero glycemic zero calorie sweeteners such as licorice, stevia, monk fruit or D-Ribose. We should reconnect with the history of cacao and introduce other probiotics and medicinal compounds into chocolate using it as a vehicle for other medicine. such as adding nootropics like lions mane and turmeric to increase bdnf in the brain and prevent cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease and reduce amyloid plaque build up in the brain. Cakes and cookies which are medicinal can be a great way to increase vegetables in pour diet in a very pleasurable way and can be functional foods providing excellent fibre and probiotics such as the medicinal cookies, carrot cakes and cheese cakes in the recipe notes in this module. Fibre is incredibly important and many people including vegans do not get enough fibre, certain fibres such as pectin, inulin, and sulfoquinovose are prebiotic food for our good bacteria and other fibres such as cellulose and lignin are great for moving everything through the colon and preventing constipation. Ensuring daily chocolate consumption can provide adequate amounts of magnesium which is involved in at leats 600 enzymatic processes in the body and plays a role in ATP energy production in the body so it is an extremely important mineral for optimum health.

Evaluation:  A good qwuestion to ask here is, am i consuming poolyphenols and enough polyphenols and in which form as it is extremely important for our health and a healthy Gut that we consume polyphenols. Raw organic Sugar Free Chocolate is a great way to consume polyphenols and certainly a really great alternative to coffee without the Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and Acrylamide often found in coffee due to the roasting process. Although we should be consuming plenty of greens daily and so should consume enough magnesium this way, chocolate is great way to top up magnesium, you can explore topping up with magnesium via chocolate if you feel restless, difficulty unwinding at end of day, difficultly falling asleep, getting muscle cramps after exercise, getting migraines, these are all possible signs of not getting enough magnesium. If you feel the need for a wine or other alcohol to relax after work or on holidays, it is much healthier to go for a more really dark medicinal sugar free chocolate due to its effect on neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. As we discussed in this module the compounds AEA and PEA are feel good molecules/bliss molecules so if you feeling a bit down or looking to feel blissful you can include some chocolate. Remember! The sweet magic of forgetfulness.

Class Discussion Topics:

(Sweeteners: Dates, Monkfruit, Stevia, D-Ribose or Liquorice Root Powder)

Module 5 Recipes:

Recipe 1: Panacotta passion fruit / Blackberry (chia / buckwheat) with coconut / banana nice cream

Recipe 2: Carrot cake with aquafaba frosting

Recipe 3: Cheesecake – fruits of forest, using buckwheat. / Cheesecake matcha and olive, using parsnips. / Cheesecake spirulina, using buckwheat or Parcnip

Recipe 4: Choc/avocado soufflé. (Almond, coconut, date outer layer with choc + avocado soft center)

Recipe 5: Pear/apple crumble with hibiscus and rose cream

Recipe 6: Chocolate bars and soft centre truffles

Recipe 7: Aquafaba dessert – chocolate mousse

Recipe 8: Chocolate and liquorice brownies (similar to cookies)

Recipe 9: Fudge squares


Cacao making process – Bean to Bar:

1.Beans or nibs- organic unroasted fermented criolla

2.Cracking- create greater surface area with food processor

3.Winnowing- using a hair blow dryer, gentle remove shells from the nibs

4.Melanging- using stone grinder to break down the nib into liquid chocolate

5.Tempering- Heat chocolate to 45 degrees then cool to 28 degrees then bring back to 31 degrees, this encourages the beta crystals which give chocolate a shiny appearance and snappy texture. Or Keep at 41-45 degrees in a food dehydrator for 1-2 hours which gives a perfect tempering.

6.Molding/setting- add other flavours if desired, such as salt, vanilla, spirulina, then pour into molds and set



Cacao chemical analysis: (poison or medicine) – (Sweet magic of forgetfulness)

There are 300 Known chemicals compounds in chocolate. some listed in the chart below including AEA, PEA, Polyphenols, Phenolic Acids, Magnesium and much more.


Bitter alkaloid, similar to caffeine. Mild stimulant in the body. Has positive and negative effects (improved cognition / increased heart rate) Also acts as a relaxant, unlike caffeine.

Anadamide: – (AEA)

Is a fatty acid neurotransmitter, which binds to the THC receptors. Ananda is a sanskrit word meaning “Bliss”. Produced naturally in the body as an endocannabinoid and found in cacao. Produces a state of heightened happiness, plays important role in pain, appetite, fertility and also stops cancer cell proliferation and increases neurogenesis (new cells) – works as anti anxiety and anti depressant.

Phenethylamine: – (PEA)

This is a love chemical which stimulates the feeling of being in love. Raises levels of endorphins which gives pleasure feelings. it is Present as a result of the microbial fermentation pea has stimulant effects which lead to the release of dopamine and serotonin, shown to be more effective in treating mental disorders rather than amphetamine. Aids weight loss, increases mood, well being & happiness.  Treats ADHD/schizophrenia. Also naturally produced in body and high concentrates found in brain when first in love during “honeymoon period”

Methylxanthines: – (Caffeine / Theobromine)

Stimulates heart rate. Force of contraction and cardiac arrythmias at high concentrations. Psycho stimulating. More afficient thinking. Antioxidants – B2, B3 and C1 procyanidins


Three bean variety – Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario

Cacao first discovered by mayans of South America 900 AD After Christ

Cacao tree – madre cacao

Theobroma – Food of the gods

kakau – Cacao