Lesson 1: Module 8 Summary

Private: Lecture Summary 8

Module 8 – Raw Gourmet Meal Demonstration. Costing, Planning,Writing & Executing a Menu. Menu Presentation. Refined Culinary Medicine at Michelin Star Level.

Demonstration of Menu including prep list and shopping list

Plant Based Organic Tasting Jardin Menu

Cuisine of Naturalness by Darren Maguire 29/10/2018

Butternut Squash Veloute

Pumpkin Cheese, Mesclun, Rose

Textures of Beetroot

Pear, Lavender jam, Horseradish

Black Grape Ceviche

Pickled Cucumber, Tahini, Lime

Carrot and Seabuckthorn,

Orange, Spinach, Dulse

Apple & Matcha Espuma

Pistachio, Fig, Black Olive Caviar, Parsnip

Medicinal Cocktail of Red Bush

Vanilla, Cinnamon, Liquorice

Dark Cacao Truffles

Saffron, Date, Coconut


Prep list (Mison Plas)

Make pumpkin cheese (soak pumpkin seeds)

Prepare squash

Make stock + veloute

Mandolin beetroot + marinate

Make beetroot juice

Mandolin pear

Make lavender jam with figs (soak figs)

Deseed and dice black grapes

Pickle sliced cucumber

Make tahini mayo + beet mayo + beet oil

Soak dulse with water

Marinate spinach with salt + orange juice

Make carrot + seabuckthorn jelly (make carrot juice)

Grate carrot + marinate

Make pistachio, fig biscuit base for cheesecake (use tea)

Make black olive caviar

Make apple, parsnip and green tea cheesecake

Prepare red bush cocktail with cinnamon, liquorice and vanilla

Make saffron, date + coconut crem for truffles

Make cacao truffles


Shopping list:

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds


Stock items (celery, carrot, onions, leek, herbs)

Almonds for veloute + pistachio for bisquit base

Figs + dates

Black olives + black grapes

Carrots + beetroot + parsnips

Lavender flowers + edible flowers for garnish

Microgreens for garnish

Apples + pears + oranges + limes + cucumber

Dulse + cinnamon + vanilla + liquorice + saffron



Spinach + oranges