Lesson 2: Sample Food Plan Copy

Detailed Sample Food Plan 

This is only a sample food plan template, there will be additional items added or taken away based on your questionnaires, test results and discussions with your functional health therapist. The guide is just a suggestion and something to work towards, it is not about extremes or starvation. it is about taking steps now working towards achieving and maintaining short, middle and long term goals. You should discuss this plan with your functional health therapist and adjust it based on what is possible to achieve right now and what will work based on your beliefs, condition of health and your goals.

The Food Plan 

06:00 Am – Hot water with lemon followed by a shot of wheatgrass or green juice include your parasite tincture in juice or water

Herbal Tea or Water with ginger and Lemon

09:00 Am – Slow Cooked Porridge with ground flax seed followed by multi vitamin

Herbal Tea or Water with ginger and Lemon

12:00 Pm – Large salad of greens, herbs, avocado, tomato, tempeh, sunflower mayo, raw onion, olives, seaweed

Fruits (bananas) and Smoothie ( add protein powder if needed)  or green juice

03:00 Pm – Meal replacement smoothie, more fruit, more juice

Herbal Tea or Water with ginger and Lemon

06:00 Pm – Slow cooked soup or stew with lots of vegetables including miso, tempeh and avocado

raw vegan yogurt or plain soyjade yogurt with flax seeds, more fruit, more juice

Herbal Tea or Water with ginger and Lemon

10:00 Pm – Bedtime

Or for a higher Protein Diet

Daily Fruit intake throughout the day as snacks: Minimum of 5 portions

2 bananas
2 oranges
2 pears
1 melon or 50g grapes 25g blueberries

Breakfast: Buckwheat or Oat porridge slow cooked and blended like oatmeal

Buckwheat or oats 100g Dates x 3
Tahini 20g

Flaxseeds 5g
** For extra protein you can add 14g of Spirulina**

Main Meal for lunch is Large Salad:

Sweet Potato x 1 Broccoli x 1/4 Spinach x 50g Courgette x 1 Onion x 2 small red Seaweed x 5g

Salt x 2g pink salt
Oil 5ml hemp or flax Seed butter (tahini) x 20g Avocado x 1/2

Tempeh or Tofu x 200g Carrot x 1
Beetroot x 1/2
Sprouts x 50g

Lettuce x 1/2 head
50g of sauerkraut or Kimchi

Evening Snack:

Bowl of Soup with miso and tofu/tempeh & some Yogurt (plain soyjade)

Liquids Throughout the day:

Herbal Tea (Licorice, astragals, chaga, nettle) – 1 Litre
Kombucha or Kefir – 1 Litre zero sugar long fermented with ginger root added
Water with green powder (Spirulina/wheatgrass/chlorella) – 1litre + 20/30g powdered greens Juice (Wheatgrass 20ml or carrot juice 250ml or green juice 250ml)

Other Snacks throughout day:

Soy yogurt 400g (0g sugar/ 0g carbohydrates/ 18g protein + probiotics)
10g cacao for prebiotic
5 g of green powdered matcha tea
Homemade cookie (oat flour, inulin powder, psylium husk, maca, coconut oil)


Omega 3 oil
Vegan Dha/Epa

As well as following the suggested food plan above we suggest you also include the following daily or weekly. You will also be given additional challenges throughout the 12 week program during your weekly psychotherapy sessions.

1)Include at least 30 minutes of intense exercise daily
2)Dance Movement once weekly
3)Bikram Yoga once weekly
4) Colon Therapy Monthly

Other Points :

1)Use licorice root or monk fruit as a sweetener if needed
2)Use pink Himalayan salt or sea salt instead of table salt
3)Use organic cold-pressed hemp oil, coconut oil, or olive oil as a replacement for all other oils
4)Use filtered water from reverse osmosis filter, drink from glass bottles rather than plastic
5)Your Lunch should actually be the largest meal of the day to allow for proper digestion
6)If you have a sweet tooth and find it impossible to come off all sweets, you can use raw organic chocolate
7)For protein powder use sun warrior protein or raw meal from Iherb.com
8)Never Eat before bedtime and try to go to bed at around 10 pm
9)Add seaweed to salads or soups to get enough iodine
10)Use a wide range of nuts and seeds when making smoothies or nut and seed milk to ensure all mineral intake