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Raw Chocolate Mastery & Raw Desserts Professional Online Course

The Art of Raw Gourmet Chocolate & Healthy Light Refined Desserts Course is now available as an online Course. This course is an advanced resource & guide on the art , history and science on raw chocolate and desserts.This course will teach you how to make your very own raw bean to bar chocolate, raw cheesecake, raw cookies and cakes. This online course is loaded with recipes, resources, tips about raw chocolate and amazingly how to make desserts health, fat free, sugar free and some even nut free, it is also loaded with informative online videos and research data on the chemistry and timeline of cacao, and why it is good for us as a probiotic, prebiotic and for its polyphenols and positive effect on our mood and hormones. If you want to make the best chocolate and the healthiest desserts then this course will be perfect for you.
By Purchasing this online course you will have permenant access to this important material so you can revise any time you wish. After Purchasing, you will recieve an email with your username and password which you will use to log into our members only area and access this incredible course. Upon completion of this course you will become an expert fermentationist equipped with the most up to date information about out the incredible workings of our microbiota and psychobiotics.This is Module 5 from the 12 Module Professional Certificate Course with Plant Based Academy’s Plantrician training program.Click HERE for more details.

Module 5 – The Art of Raw Gourmet Chocolate & Healthy Light Refined Desserts – Single Module 350 Euro Online / 500 Euro Onsite ( Advanced Module)
The Art of Raw Chocolate module for obvious reasons is a very exciting as most people love chocolate. In this module we go into the science of chocolate, the biochemistry, the microbiology, is it plant medicine or neurotoxin, how to temper chocolate, how to make perfect truffles and professional chelate bars & how to create decadent raw desserts without the usual toxins agave and cashew nuts. Students will learn about using Irish moss, parsnips, buckwheat other thickeners and emulsifies to replace eggs to make light desserts, liquorice root, monk fruit, and date paste to replace toxic sweeteners. This is a master class in the art, history and science of raw chocolate and healthy guilt free sugar free raw desserts.
Cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao L.) is the main raw material used in chocolate production. Fermentation is essential for removing the pulp surrounding the beans and for developing precursors of chocolate flavors. The fermentation of cocoa is a microbiologically complex process involving the activities of yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria. During the fermentation process, a consortium of naturally occurring yeasts, as well as lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and acetic acid bacteria (AAB), is responsible for alcohol and acid production. Further, microbial metabolites diffuse into the beans leading to complex biochemical reactions inside these grains (Schwan, Pereira, & Fleet, 2014).Due to the fermentation one of the major microbes in raw chocolate is Lactobacillus Ghanensis, along with the polyphenols this makes raw chocolate an amazing probiotic and prebiotic.

“The good (gut) microbes, such as Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria, feast on chocolate. When you eat dark chocolate, they grow and ferment it, producing compounds that are anti-inflammatory”

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