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In the Ayurvedic healing system, balance is the foundation for health and happiness.  When the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our nature are working together harmoniously and effectively, we feel joyful and energetic and we are able to engage deeply and passionately in our lives. When we’re out of balance, we may feel depleted and emotionally spent.  There is a sense of dis-ease in our lives that can ultimately contribute to physical or emotional disorders.
Often, however, we miss the signals our body is sending us that something is out of balance in our lives. Instead of getting the rest we need, we order an extra-strong coffee and keep forging ahead. We may ignore our heart’s message that it’s time to end a relationship. Or we may neglect our need for nutritious food and regular exercise, telling ourselves we don’t have time to cook or get to the gym.

Your Body’s own Doctor and Pharmacy

While we may not always be aware of it, our body has its own internal GPS, a system whose goal is to stay in a state of dynamic balance. The messages it sends are designed to help us make life-affirming choices for our own health and wellbeing.
In his book Free to Love, Free to Heal, David Simon writes, “Like a young child, the body communicates its needs in a relatively simple and straightforward manner. Whether it wants nourishment, affection, new experiences, time to rest, or a chance to release toxins, your body generates sensations to get attention. When you listen to these signals and address the basic needs they represent, your body responds by producing chemicals of comfort. When you fail to heed your body’s message, its calls become louder. If despite its best efforts your body is unable to get your attention, it may stop talking for a while, but when next hear from, it will not be ignored.”
At Life Change Health Institute , we invite guests to engage in experiential exercises to explore balance and connect to their body’s inner wisdom and guidance.

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