The Trauma Recovery Institute

Radical Aliveness Workshop – A unique blend of shamanic Breathwork, Core energetics, Group Psychotherapy and Tantra

This Radical Aliveness workshop is a unique blend of shamanic breathwork, Core energetics, Tantra and Group Psychotherapy. This will be a day of deep transformative exploration and healing within a very safe and supportive space held by very experienced therapists. There will be a maximum of 12 participants (Male and Female). Prebooking is essential. No prior breathwork experience required.
What is Shamanic Breathwork?
It is a powerful tool of transformation using the BREATH to induce a trance-like state. Because we are not used to breathing so deeply and consistently for such a long period of time, the oxygen floods the body and the brain allowing the ego mind to step aside. Under the influence of breath, the psyche is able to bring up anything from the subconscious that is ready to present itself to you and be worked through. Typically there may be something that is needing to be released, realized, redefined, etc. In this way, it is possible to shift patterns of thought and behavior that lie deep in the unconscious.

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